Welsh Kaolin Clay:-  Exfoliate and Conditioning Face Masks for a Healthier, Younger Look !

Although recorded as being over 700 Million Years Old, the Numerous Beneficial Properties of the Kaolin Clay within Pennant Quarry in Wales were only discovered in 2010 by “Welsh Visionary” Phil Bowen.

Phil found that the Clay in his Welsh Quarry in the Gwendreath Valley, has a very high mineral content and it is very benificial for the Cosmetic Industry.

Phil now supplies 20 gram face mask sachets direct to those who prefer to pamper themselves in the comfort of their own home.

Larger quantities are readily available for the beauty industry. Email: info@welshclay.com

In Phils own words:
“I maintain that what nature has so perfectly produced required as little interference from me as possible”.








“Easy to apply, lovely soft skin, with minimum fuss”
Welsh Singing Sensation
“Kirsten Orsborn”

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